This short course, offered by the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s Integrated Microscopy Facility, provides a solid background on the use of light microscopy, especially confocal microscopy, as a tool to study cell and molecular biology.  The course emphasizes imaging of plant tissues but its scope is not limited to this.  

The course consists of morning lectures that provide theoretical background in various aspects of light microscopy, and afternoon lab sessions that give the student hands-on experience in operating a confocal microscope, the Integrated Microscopy Facility’s Leica SP8-X confocal microscope.  The course is designed for beginning and intermediate users of confocal microscopy, and for those wanting a refresher on confocal and light microscopy.

Instructor:  Howard Berg, Director, Integrated Microscopy Facility

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Course questions, please contact: Howard Berg by email at rhberg@danforthcenter.org or by phone at 314-587-1261.

Registration questions, please contact: Pat Cosgrove by email at pcosgrove@danforthcenter.org or by phone at 314-587-1242.