January 1, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I often hear the following from Danforth Center visitors and supporters: “Every time I come to the Center, I learn something new!” I love that feedback because, in part, it reflects the fact that we are constantly changing. 

Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Delivering on our mission requires that we keep moving and constantly changing. The kind of research we do today is very different than what we did yesterday, and it requires talented scientists, engineers, mathematicians and support teams with skills to function more productively in the digital age. We seek to make advances in a world that is also changing rapidly.

We engage students and trainees differently than we used to. We’ve formed new partnerships with Washington University, the University of Missouri, and Saint Louis University to work at the interface between more disciplines. We’ve been growing differently through shared positions, like those occupied by Allison Miller (with SLU) and Keith Slotkin (with Mizzou). Some of our current facilities would have been unrecognizable just a few years ago due to new automation and advanced imaging.

The ways in which our work reaches the public are also changing, from spin-out companies like RNAissance in partnership with TechAccel, to how we work with companies in 39 North. We communicate through more engaging routes, like TapRoot, a popular podcast by Ivan Baxter and his Washington University collaborator, Liz Haswell.

We evolve as a Center because the needs change. I am grateful to our entire Danforth Center community, including those you hear about regularly and those individuals and teams that work so effectively behind the scenes. And I am grateful to our supporters, without whom our journey would not be possible. 


James C. Carrington
  • 2018 Annual Report