The Maker Group is a network of Donald Danforth Plant Science Center individuals that explore all parts of the “maker” world. The Danforth Center and 39 North STL is a place for innovation and startups, some of which began right here as a part of the Danforth Maker Group. Past projects have been diverse, from developing low-cost electronic and robotic based research instruments to first time DIY kits - spanning all types of different uses. The Maker Group aspires to be a collaborative group of curious minds, whether its participants have a specific project planned or just want to learn what the “maker movement” is all about. Please explore the Danforth Center “maker movement” on our Maker Group website, where you’ll find everything from upcoming Maker events, tutorials, outreach initiatives, information on past projects, and blog posts from Danforth innovators. The website also provides sources for two of the most common comments/questions about The Maker Group:

1. “I want to join, but I can’t think of a project.” 

2. “I have some ideas, but where do I even start?”

The Danforth Center has its own collaborative working environment, the Maker Shop. This space includes equipment for Maker use, like Raspberry Pis, electrical components, and soldering material. However, please be patient while we update the room, and we will notify the Center when its reconstruction is complete. In the meantime, please contact the Maker Group via email if you are interested in becoming a member.

Pi Jam Flyer 27th January


Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Discover the features of the new growth chambers

The Maker Movement: Plants, Robots & High Altitude Balloons

Tuesday, April 04, 2017
Discover how innovation is driving St. Louis’ STEM education

Plant Pulse

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
The Plant Pulse is a feature of the Danforth Center Roots and Shoots Blog that includes a sampling of interesting stories about agriculture, the environment, food security, climate change, bioenergy, events and the impact of plant science.


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